city lights just burn


Gappy Tooth Industries, super talent spotters that they are, are putting us on back at the ole 'sheaf on July 26th. Come down! Sadly this may be our farewell gig, or at least our last gig before a break, so hope to see some of you down there.

The Quickfix Recordings gig at the Wheatsheaf was a small but (nearly) perfectly formed affair with Harry Angel, Seven Years On and Liverpudlians Billy England, both exceptionally good.

if you have a copy of the April Nightshift (pdf) lying around there's a moderately warm review of us which is moderately nice, etc.

in the meantime we have downloads of some of the tracks from our new ep, the third man, so have a listen if you've not already got a copy. we are of course also selling the ep, so contact us if you'd like to buy a copy, only £4.50 - rock on a budget eh?

in a really meantime keep up to date with our gigging by peeping at our smells page, or check out some pictures of recent gigs.